Quality Drywall Muds & Accessories near Philadelphia, PA.

Steven Kempf Building Materials is a premier supplier of drywall finishing products in King of Prussia, for residential and commercial construction customers in the Philadelphia area.

Trust Steven Kempf for All Your Drywall Finishing Needs

Our comprehensive drywall treatment offerings include:

  • All purpose drywall mud – gypsum dust mixed with water used to cover drywall seams
  • Multi-use drywall mud – ready-mix joint compound that helps embed tape, finish joints and add texture
  • Lightweight drywall mud – a lighter version of drywall mudding for easier handling and greater application speed
  • Setting compound – a multipurpose drywall mud useful for filling, smoothing and finishing walls
  • Taping joint compound – a drywall tape available in paper (non-adhesive) and fiberglass (self-adhesive and good for stucco); used to seam drywall joints
  • Textured finishes – hand-applied or machine-sprayed products that add texture to drywall

Buy Quality Joint Treatments & Drywall Finishes from Steven Kempf

There’s a solution for all your wallboard and drywall finishing needs when you shop with Steven Kempf. Our King of Prussia yard carries both dry and ready-mix joint treatment products from some of the best drywall manufacturers in the business:

  • National Gypsum® – ProForm® ready-mix and setting compounds, firestop compounds, spray textures, tapes and other drywall accessories
  • USG™ – joint compounds in various weights, joint tapes, beads, trims and other drywall finishing solutions

Our selection of products helps you create a professional finish each and every time, whether you want a smooth seam or a textured drywall finish.

Drywall Finishing Products Delivered On-Site

Steven Kempf is committed to getting the right products into our customers’ hands as quickly and safely as possible. That’s why we offer full-service delivery as part of our customer service. As another option, customers can always call in orders ahead of time for pickup at our King of Prussia yard.

Start Your Drywall Projects with Quality

Check out the full line of our quality drywall products from Steven Kempf Building Materials.

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